Santa Monica Tennis Club
Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

1. The Board of Directors have agreed to the following Code of Conduct for all Club Members and guests:

  • To always abide by the rules of the Club
  • To show respect for each other
  • To avoid aggressive behavior and abusive language
  • To look after and care for the park premises and equipment
  • To welcome all adults into the club with a stance of diversity equity and inclusion
  • To value the contribution of all our members in the efficient running of the Club.

2. Conduct of Members:

The Board of the Santa Monica Tennis Club may suspend/ban from the club any member whose conduct is, in the opinion of the Board, contrary to the interests or spirit of the Club, or injurious to its reputation

Any Member of the Club may be expelled or suspended by vote of a majority of members of the
Board of Directors after a hearing by the board, provided that such member shall have been
served personally at least thirty days before the time fixed for the hearing with a written notice
of the time and place of hearing. In the event of expulsion of a member, the membership in this organization shall forthwith lapse and terminate for that member, and all moneys paid by said
member shall be forfeited.

3. By-Laws:

The Board of Directors of the Santa Monica Tennis Club may from time to time make changes, vary and/or revoke by-laws of the Club, thereby making changes to this Code of Conduct.  The content of any such change to the by-laws shall be transmitted to the current membership of the club by current e-mail address and posting on the Club’s notice board at court 1 (the “Stadium Court”) at Reed Park.

Bylaws of the club