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Santa Monica Tennis Club


Santa Monica
Tennis Club

The Santa Monica Tennis Club is a public parks tennis club using courts at Reed Park in Santa Monica, California. (Wilshire Blvd. at 7th St.). It has been in operation since 1928 at this same location.

We offer membership to all adults, regardless of area of residency. Good sportsmanship and a knowledge of tennis rules are the only requirements.

SMTC has a tradition of providing doubles tennis for club members in a friendly atmosphere.

Christine Emerson Reed Park
1133 7th St
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Information on reserving courts at Reed Park
The entrance to the park is located on 7th and on Lincoln Blvd
Parking located on the street plus what is indicated on the map below

Open Play Every Sunday

We reserve courts from 9am to 2 pm for our members to compete in doubles matches.

Live Ball

Our club members enjoy sessions lasting 90 minutes, at the best price in town.

Friday Night Events

We provide Live Ball Sessions and Doubles tournaments on selected Friday Evenings.


The club has a long history of providing social evenings after tennis at nearby bars or restaurants

Tennis Trips

Our club members like to travel to other clubs for tennis events

All players and skill
levels welcome

The level of play varies from beginners to some advanced play. The 

Friendly Place for Tennis

Over the years, the club has hosted friendly intra and inter club tournaments with after parties

Most Affordable Tennis Club in Los Angeles

Social Activities include the Hello Tournament and the Club Championships Parties. Activities also include low cost weekend trips, mostly to tennis resorts within a two hour drive. However, trips have also ranged as far afield as Hawaii, where Club members went to a Luau and met – no kidding – the King of Hawaii. Trips also include “happy hour” socials, group dinners, tournaments, as well as ad hoc play-until-you-drop games. Most resorts feature swimming pools, jacuzzis, professional massage, and other amenities.

Membership Package
Dedicated Office Packag